What to do if you get admitted to the deportation camp?

You have been requested to come out to the deportation camp within a matter of days or you got sent to the camp immediately after your arrival in Germany? In general we as of now sadly know of no cases in which someone has gotten their right to asylum or subsidiary protection while being in the deportation camp, which means that all your efforts may be without success. Nevertheless you have another option:


In Germany everyone has the right to get themselves a lawyer, though this lawyer often costs a couple hundred euros and you should really think carefully, if you want to invest that kind of money since a rejection of your appeal is still very likely. If you do decide to hire a lawyer nevertheless, they do allow a payment by instalment in most cases and as an alternative you could also ask for advice assistance (“Beratungshilfe”) or process legal aid (“Prozesskostenhilfe”) at the legal aplication office (“Rechtsantragsstelle”) of the local court (“Amtsgericht”) of Bamberg (room 017, Synagogenplatz 1 , 96047 Bamberg). In that case all costs of your lawyer and your trial will be taken over by the government. Your lawyer can take measures against the admission to the deportation camp (“Ankunfts- und Rückführungseinrichtung”). You can also talk to him/her ahead of your interview, and she/he can be present at your interview while sadly not being allowed to talk. Even after your interview a lawyer can be helpful because he/she can file an objection against the rejection of the asylum. Unfortunately you will still have to leave the country within one week, even if the decision about your asylum has not been made yet. But if you make an urgent application for deferment of your rejection, you can go against that. If the court allows the deferment, you will be able to stay in Germany.


Disclaimer: We are not lawyers and therefore we can only base our knowledge on our experience.


Even if you decide not to get a lawyer there are different options: Most people will be asked to attend a interview within the first couple of weeks after arriving in the deportation camp and even after a rejection you can make an urgent application for deferment of your rejection yourself. Information about the interview in several languages.


Additionally there is yet another way. Many Germans do not know of the fates of refugees coming from the so called safe countries of origin. A lot of the time this is the reason why a lot of the refugees are labeled as economy or poverty refugees and politics are picking up on that mood amongst the people and tighten the laws. This is how the deportation camp came to life. We are trying to counteract in that and collect as many fates as possible. If you also want to go public with your stories or if you want any other support you can contact nodeportation-bamberg[at]gmx.de or through our facebook page.